Home Based Services

Communities for People offers home-based services to all eligible families in Rhode Island. Our staff are here to provide support through in-person and virtual check-ins, and 24/7 on-call help is also available. We provide assistance within 48 hours of Department of Youth, Children and Families (DCYF) referral, and most families receive home based services for 3-6 months. One of the many reasons home-based services are so important is because they can eliminate barriers to receiving treatment by bringing the clinical support directly to the family's home.

Enhanced Family Support Services (EFSS)

Enhanced Family Support Services is an in-home treatment program helping any youth from 0-21 years old stay with their family or overcome significant stressors to reunify after a residential placement. Services range from family mediation; behavior management strategies and planning; daily structure planning and strategies for supervision in the home; life skills education; basic needs assistance; strategisties for effective communication among family members; role-modeling/coaching, holistic support such as expressive arts, and more. Parents and caregivers develop the skills necessary to ensure the safety, health, and the well-being of all family members.

Family Centered Treatment® (FCT)

Family Centered Treatment is an evidence-based, intensive family and community-based program serving youth from 0-20 years old with an identified caregiver. It is made up of 4 unique phases that promote improved family functioning with all household members. FCT therapists work with the entire family system and through the course of treatment, encouraging each family member to value the changes they make in their progress.

FCT differs from other home-based, family-focused programs in that it emphasizes the importance of families finding value and developing ownership in the changes being made.

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