Mission, Vision, Values

To foster hope in the lives of at-risk children and families and to enrich their capabilities, enabling them to flourish as contributing members of the community.

Every child lives with a permanent, loving family. Every family has the support it needs. And Communities for People is a recognized thought leader in developing innovative service models.

Respect. We respect the unique strengths and traits of the individual.
Integrity. We believe in honesty and transparency in all our dealings.
Diversity. We celebrate diversity in all its forms, in people served, workforce and thought.
Unconditional. We provide services to all, regardless of intensity of supports needed.
Community. We believe services are best delivered in the community and children and families are best supported within their community.
Team. We believe that all people involved with our services have valuable input into decisions that one made.
Accountability. We believe that we must be accountable for our decisions, actions, and outcomes.


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