Independent Living – MA

Emergency ResidenceOur Massachusetts Independent Living program serves youth 18 – 22 years old who have shown progress in community-based residential programs, were previously homelessness, or in a foster home. Length of stay varies depending on the youth’s age, goals and needs. Through things like financial literacy classes, vocational support and career readiness, help learning about available community resources, and practicing soft skills, youth leave Communities for People better prepared to live truly independently as a young adult. This is particularly important because youth who have been previously part of the foster care system or homeless are at a significantly higher risk of becoming homeless, incarcerated, or otherwise off-track than their peers.

Unsupervised apartments give the feeling of independence, with their outreach worker there to provide regular support and activities to help prepare youth for their next steps out on their own. Their vocational specialist will help find employment aligned with their long-term career goals and provide ongoing support at work as needed., Our money management and incentives program, TIPS, also helps teach the importance of savings and ensures youth move on with money already in their pocket.

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