Executive Management

Joseph M. Leavey
Joseph M. Leavey, founded Communities for People in 1976. He has held a number of distinguished positions in the field of child and youth welfare services in Massachusetts, including Director of the Placement Division of Child Guardianship, Commissioner of the Department of Youth Services, President of the Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Chairman of the Children’s League, Chairman of the Special Commission on Foster Care, and President of the State Advisory Board for the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Other Executives and Directors:

  • Craig Gordon,  Chief Operating Officer
  • Sandy Cades,  Chief Financial Officer
  • Elaine Biancardi,  Director of Administration
  • Joan Valcourt,  Director of Operations
  • Joan McGregor,  Director of Family Networks
  • Elizabeth B. Ison,  Director of Counseling and Wellness
  • Robert Aguon, Regional Director MA
  • Eric Gaboriault, Regional Director RI
  • Maureen Lee, Lead Area Director
  • Brian Mulvey, Lead Area Director
  • Ulyen Coleman, Program Director of STARR

Communities for People Board Members:

  • Boyce Slayman,  Board Chairman
  • Joe Leavey
  • Gilbert Sakakeeny
  • Misty Delgado
  • Susan Wayne
  • Kim Simmons